Counseling-1At Aurora Psychological Services we provide counseling services for children, teenagers, individual adults, families, and couples. Most people have times in their lives when they struggle to manage emotional experiences, such as depression, anxiety, fears, and isolation. Often our lives can feel overwhelming and we can exhaust our resources and skills to manage these feelings. At Aurora, we will work with you and your family members to develop new ways to manage strong emotions, develop life coping skills, and improve family relationships.

Sometimes these skills are need in childhood. Children can have difficulty managing their behavior and display extreme temper outbursts. Other children react to many experiences in their lives with fear and withdraw from actively participating in activities. Still other children are limited in their ability to form strong emotional friendships with other children. At Aurora, we strive to help children build the emotional strength they need to be successful in their families and at school. We can also work with you and your child’s school to create a learning environment that will allow your child to learn to their potential.

As teenagers, we have usually developed a deeper understanding of ourselves and our feelings, but the adolescent brain continues to develop through adolescence and into adulthood and teens can encounter a world that feels confusing and frightening. Emotions can sometimes feel overwhelming and navigating social relationships can be exhausting. At times, academics can be seriously impacted by these strong emotions. At Aurora, we work with teens and their families to help teens develop the skills necessary to travel through adolescence, develop healthy relationships, and enter adulthood.

Counseling-2As adults, we continue to experience with strong emotions and can have difficulty identifying the choices we want to make in our lives. We may struggle with marital relationships, feel overwhelmed by fear or worries, feel depressed by the wear and tear of everyday life, feel that our lives are not meaningful, or feel isolated and alone. At times in relationships we may experience infidelity, general unhappiness, unhelpful relational patterns, and separations or divorce. Our families are often managing stressful changes as we move through life cycles, cope with blended family and multicultural issues, and live with family members who may have serious mental illness or developmental delays. At Aurora, we can assist you in coping with life and developing the skills to be successful in your relationships and find productive and meaningful work.