Aurora offers counseling and psychological testing for children, teens, and adults that are tailored to each person’s specific needs. Though not proponents of using labels to describe one as an individual, Aurora does offer psychological testing as means to help inform other providers (e.g. physicians, therapists, or psychiatrists) about therapeutic recommendations and potentially helpful resources. Psychological assessments are useful tools that can provide a means to explore one’s intellectual, emotional, and behavioral functioning, one’s unique personalities, as well as provide information critical to the effort and movement towards change and development.

Aurora adopts a client-centered approach and values all aspects of a person’s physical, mental, and social world. Throughout life, we encounter experiences that can be overwhelming. Such experiences can strain our ability to understand certain events in our lives and thus, impact how we behave and feel. We may find that we are reactive to situations versus allowing us the space and time to respond. We may struggle to integrate our experiences into a recognizable understanding or portrait of who we are and thus, may feel alone and directionless. During these times, it can prove helpful to seek out the assistance of another to help us successfully navigate through these difficult times.