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Nicole M. Johnson, PsyD, LP

nicoleNicole provides therapy and psychological assessments for children of all ages, adolescents, and adults. She also provides therapy services for parents, couples, and families. Nicole is particularly interested in family relationships, parent-child relationships, and early childhood behavior and development. She utilizes a strengths-based, developmental approach to working with all clients and appreciates the unique experiences clients encounter throughout the lifespan.

In therapy, Nicole strives to offer a comfortable space for exploration, acceptance, and change. Nicole understands that this may all feel very new to you and beginning therapy may feel exciting, scary, or overwhelming. All of these feelings are normal. Nicole will take the time to sit with you, learn about your unique life experiences, and help you decide what you would like to work on at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Nicole especially enjoys working with clients who are looking to understand and improve their interpersonal relationships in therapy. She sees relationships as a vital part of life and aims to help clients explore how they can influence those relationships for the better. She understands that, even with the best intentions, our communication and behavior with others can be challenging at times. Nicole also strives to help clients have a positive relationship with their emotions. Emotions are a part of our everyday life, but they may begin to feel overwhelming and take over our lives. Nicole will help clients understand their emotional experiences and empower them to feel in more control. She has extensive experience with Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and utilizes this approach in therapy when it matches the client’s needs.

Nicole also offers psychological assessments for clients who are looking to understand more about their mental health and functioning in various areas. Psychological assessments may offer clarification on diagnosis, personal strengths and weaknesses, and recommendations or next steps for treatment.