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Annie Emanuel, PsyD, Licensed Psychologist

Each of us experience times in our lives in which our problems or worries seem overwhelming. We may become stuck in the same patterns of dealing with challenges, some of which are effective and others of which are not. By working collaboratively with clients, either through therapy or psychological assessment, Annie’s goal is to help each of her clients become “unstuck,” create positive change, and come to acceptance of their strengths and challenges. She believes that a therapeutic relationship built on trust and mutual respect is highly important for the success of any therapeutic intervention. Therefore, she strives to create a warm and safe environment in which client’s can feel more comfortable telling their stories and exploring the issues for which they are seeking support.

Annie’s areas of interest include both psychological assessment and therapeutic intervention. Psychological assessments are completed for a variety of reasons, including diagnostic clarification, providing treatment recommendations, or simply obtaining a measure of cognitive or intellectual functioning. She conducts psychological evaluations with individuals of all ages presenting with a variety of issues, including learning difficulties, developmental or cognitive delays, attention deficits, and problems of emotional and behavioral functioning.

Annie also conducts individual therapy with clients ages 13 and older. In her therapy work, she incorporates person-centered and cognitive-behavioral approaches to treat mood, anxiety, behavioral, and personality disorders. She has a strong background in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and frequently incorporates DBT principles, such as mindfulness, into her work with clients.